Real Estate, Kenilworth.

Real Estate – Hinterland Sunshine Coast, State Queensland Australia.

If you’re interested in purchasing Real Estate for sale it has cattle leasing on the property,  land for sale property is at 132 Perry’s Kenilworth, post code 4574 via Kidaman Creek, just off the amazing Obi Obi Valley there is about 140 acres of land for sale. Guys Cheap land farm for sale in the hinterland of the sunshine coast QLD, as 15 minutes away land a lot more expensive, so see the owner so contact Graham for offers. There is NBN Internet and digital TV telephone line 2 phase electricity for gas cookers electric oven.

This property would make an excellent bamboo nursery and bamboo furniture making business, already lots of bamboo many species ready for cuttings and multiplying. This property would be perfect with the best soil and undulating country no floods and at the end of the valley secure, also excellent business potential beekeeping.

Save $20,000 commission by not using agent website.

You can see most of the Perry’s soldiers settlers farm of Mr & Miss Perry in this google map and it adjoints the very private Maleny National Park, that has many free range dear that regularly come onto my property, free venison that taste like silverside corned beef

The house is situated on the left-hand side of Perry’s road just up from the red marker, and was an X daily farm.


Have a lifestyle change green change fresh air and at night very clear stars as far as the eye can see, no pollution but not far from the sunshine coast Noosa heads is Kenilworth town that has a vibrant dairy industry with cheese and yoghurt factory that sells direct to the customers.  Very affordable cheap real estate at Kenilworth about 300 aerial acres of land. Farm for sale in the state of Queensland Australia also renting home leasing property for cattle and fruit production available please contact for sale by owner Graham, hay fresh water fishing everywhere to be found in the Mary River and Obi Obi waterways .

The farm used to have professional orchards but I do not have the time working off the farm with other businesses, these days its more like Permaculture natural selection strongest survives, the fruit trees are maintenance free no cost expensive chemicals involved cheap.

For Sale By Owner.

The perfect cattle property and honey business with private boundary with endless rainforest that makes the best honey, and no entry to the public. The property is sharing long boundary with National Queensland State Park so perfect for bee keepers, and a great local market at sunshine Coast and only one hour from Capital city Brisbane markets, the property has 2 phase electrical power so perfect for manufacturing you’re own honey, so you can cut out the wholesalers middle men and women and wholesale your product.

Or maybe you prefer to just have a hobby farm and retire and let the cows wonder about the fruit trees and have a Permaculture place, contact for sale by owner Graham .

This land for sale location is perfect for very high quality therapeutic and great flavour tasting honey, the perfect beekeeping business not too hot like the tropics in northern Australia, and not too cold template climate like the southern states of Australia.

Sunshine Coast hinterland climate is subtropical so bees with so much native fauna, where this property is backing on to a National Park that gives the therapeutic property to the honey, this makes the honey very expensive, and with the improve pastures being an ex-dairy farm the flowers from the legumes and the different species of grasses will add the flavour, so much diverse pollen with so many mango trees and lychees trees and custard apples, perfect honey business beekeeping making beautiful sweet honey and a cash business not complicated. Also the property is at a dead end Road so no through traffic no pests or diseases can be bought into this area by other people in the industry transporting they’re goods.

Also this real estate farm property would be excellent for growing the medical uses of marijuana and with Government licenses being issued to produce this herb the property would also be perfect for growing this type of plant, getting involved in supplying a natural drug to releave stiff muscles and sleeping problems insomnia and to relax some types of pain, used for cancer and epileptics.

So many opportunities in business here airbab having such a beautiful scenic undulating to even steep Country with valley floors, wild dear everywhere the perfect location to start a business.

Real estate Kenilworth has great opportunities is a vibrant tourist location on weekends and public holiday fully booked out every accommodation including Airbnb accommodation and the Hotel and restaurant full in town. There is a excellent farm produce in town Kenilworth with all agricultural items fertilises and chemicals, with ride on lawnmower and small petrol engine repairs plus sales, and many hardware items available. And only about 20 minutes to undercover shopping Centre with great car parking in Nambour right next door to the major train line one hour south to central station Brisbane, and Northern trains available, buses to the Sunshine Coast for a day on the beach.

This Real estate Kenilworth property for sale is a great investment very  cheap for real estate Kenilworth at the sunshine coast hinterland, farms for sale excellent value for money. Kenilworth is situated South east Queensland in the great dividing range one hour North from Brisbane, land around Kenilworth with so many business potentials.  Land lease for cattle available, saving no real estate agent Kenilworth commission fees, I will consider all genuine offers about $778,000 for this magnificent investment property land at Kenilworth real estate for sale also. The land is just outside the town of Kenilworth situated 35 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia.

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Map of real estate kenilworth sunshine coast hinterland farms for sale.

Real Estate Kenilworth.

The property longest boundary is about 1.5 kilometers long and can be simply turned into a cash business motorbike tours and tracks, the undulating scenic rain forest can also cater for a resort spa or bird watching tours as it backs on to a private state forest. Weekdays and every week end the town of Kenilworth has many tourist that come from Brisbane which is only an hour and a half away, another business would be horse tracking, lots of tourist at Mapleton and is only 9 minutes from this property for sale off the Obi Obi Valley Kidaman Creek.

Old video I took of Sunshine Coast & not a very stable good first attempt of video recording, better you look on youtube you will find professionals companies videos.

This real estate Kenilworth property land would be excellent for Ginger growing production as the soil is very fertile the richest, full of all the beneficial natural organisms and micro activity, with great draining ability but at the same time holding moisture during the droughts. Fabulous pasture on the property as it was originally a dairy farm with legumes and the best grasses, this property has history a soldier setterlest block granted to Mr Perry, the road is also named Perry’s road that is about a 5 km road to the end of the valley.

Real estate kenilworth sunshine coast hinterland farms for sale.

KENILWORTH LAND FOR LEASE can hold 50 head of cattle, RENTAL PROPERTY teakwood verandas three-bedroom house large dining room living room two bathrooms and freshwater stream at the back of the home.

Real estate kenilworth sunshine coast hinterland farms for sale don’t miss out this is the time to buy now as the market is moving up again and the price is set well the land and property is quite a bargain being in the right location having a great road all the way to Noosa heads, the property is directly behind and situated in the middle of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, including towns like beautiful Maleny . 23 minutes access to the town of Nambour which is only 12 minutes away from the heart of the Sunshine Coast Queensland. 20 minutes to Eumundi which is known for its famous art and craft markets and fresh local produce including tropical fruits with therapeutic herbs etc.

Real estate Kenilworth Sunshine coast hinterland, has the original house at the soldier settlers block of Perrys road that was rebuilt 21 years ago, all the foundations were upgraded under the 2 m high set Queensland home to cement. Black iron bark for the foundations placed in steel saddles for the three exterior balconies, the electrical system 100% upgraded two phase electricity, all brand-new wood used on the balcony’s which consist of 100% waterproof Australian teak wood from the property. Red cedar double french doors also Australian silky oak double french doors,up stairs bathroom some Australian red cedar was used also, the inside of the house is hope pine walls from the farm, floors are all local dark wood iron bark no stronger wood for polish and stained floors throughout the house.

No Agents.

The outside is Australian cypress pine which is ant prove and waterproof the frame was mostly black iron bark milled from the farm, the front double French doors are made of Australian red cedar also milled from the farm, the roof and wall framing is also the strongest rating Australian iron bark . The house has a 15 year white ant trench barrier with quite a new double carport, one new 10,000 L tank with existing 10,000 L tank, no problem for water as there is a freshwater Creek that runs all Year-round at the back of the house.

The town of Kenilworth only a 10 minute drive with a great hotel dinner and lunch served with a smile, a great continental delicatessen and plenty of groceries to purchase in town with a fabulous cheese and yoghurt factory free cheese tasting everyday. There is a doctor’s surgery chemist two real estate agents alcohol bottle shop and lots more, if you want a spectacular waterfall 10 minutes to Mapleton and then another five minutes to the town with a beautiful hotel and shopping.

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Land for sale Kenilworth realestate sunshine Coast hinterland QLD Australia.

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Farm for sale Kenilworth realestate sunshine Coast hinterland QLD Australia.

Photograph lots of teakwood timber in this Queensland with beautiful expose rafters and hand-painted stained-glass, this room would be perfect for a bed and breakfast business. There is plenty of opportunity in Kenilworth for this type of business as people from Brisbane readily travel to the Sunshine Coast and the town of Kenilworth which is only 10 minutes away from the property is getting great exposure as people come up from the Sunshine Coast for weekend and weekly drives and are looking for something different, and this is one why farm stays and bed and breakfast businesses will work here.

Sunshine Coast hinterland gem of a property situated 12 minute from Mapleton which overlooks the Sunshine Coast and is a very scenic rain forest setting with beautiful hotel and shopping, this would be a great place to start a tourist business, we are also situated 27 minutes from Maleny which overlooks the glasshouse Mountains, nine minutes to the town of Kenilworth, 29 minutes to you Eumudi and the Bruce Highway, 50 minutes from Noosa heads, 30 minutes to great shopping in Namboure, 50 Minutes Drive to Gympie, one-hour 20 Minutes Drive to Brisbane.

Land For Sale At sunshine Coast Hinterland Queensland.

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House land farm for sale Australia.

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Land for sale Kenilworth real estate sunshine Coast hinterland QLD Australia.

The property is name Opal Noosa hinterland which is a mixed enterprise of tropical fruit and cross cattle, with find cabinet timbers, the property cannot be built out it is surrounded by a private State Forest with beautiful private walks along trickling creeks and palms perfect for Trail rides and horse lovers, birdwatchers would be a number great business to consider.

This property is 140 acres as it is very undulating there is more like 300 acres on very rich volcanic soil with cattle fattening grasses pasture including nitrogen fixing legumes to permanent creeks and many spring fed dams.

Real estate kenilworth sunshine coast hinterland farms for sale.

The Homestead is a beautiful restored Queenslander with balconies on three sides Australian teak stained to show a magnificent honey colour, three bedrooms with a very large living area upstairs toilet shower and bathroom , downstairs has a very large steam sauna room with second shower and toilet, large dining room with beautiful view of the creek, the house is all hoop pine inside and hardwood floors, the balcony in winter is very warm as it completely in closes with clear role down blinds, has two telephone lines cable TV satellite on roof and great digital TV reception and also has three phase electricity, very large storage under the house which is completely lockable which also has a cemented area that adds as the laundry with plumbed water hot and cold, the property is re- stumped and electricity lines are new, a large portion of the roof is all so brand-new with in closed sky lighting for cool balconies for summer.

The property holds about 90 head of cattle in the good times on the property also fruit trees including Bowen mangoes , custard apples and Chinese trees some mix trees for personal use Mac nuts and some citrus limes etc, there is also plentiful bird life pheasant quail and native large chested pigeon ,bush turkey and also many wild deer venison the price for this magnificent property investment is priced very long so give me an offer.   This property will not be on the market for long before it is snapped up by a wise investor that can see a! bargain at real estate Kenilworth !

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Kenilworth, excellent horse country realestate.

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Horse stud at Kenilworth .

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Property for sale at Kenilworth QLD.