Land sale Kenilworth Australia.

Land sale Kenilworth Australia.

Land sale Kenilworth Australia property for sale real-estate hinterland Sunshine Coast QLD.

In the state of Queensland in the South East land sale Kenilworth Australian one and half hours from downtown Brisbane the capital Queensland Australia. The land for sale Kenilworth is in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Subtropical land undulating scenic land with fresh water rivers and fish and creeks and streams all through the district of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Extremely fertile agricultural land famous for ginger growing avocados strawberries and the dairy industry cheese and yoghurt. The property longest boundary is about 1.5 km long that adjoins a private Maleny National Park that has no access other than my property to the public. 140 acres on the plans but more like 300 Arial acres as the Kenilworth property for sale is very undulating we up to 50 head of cattle can be grazed on improved pastures.

Land for sale Kenilworth Australia 9 minute drive to township of Kenilworth.

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Beautiful land sale at kenilworth Queensland Australia.



The land sale Kenilworth Australia property can hold 50 head of cattle and is ideal for orchards or long term sustainable timber management, the land for sale has a beautiful homestead a high set 2 story Queensland style house with teak verandas and double French doors for two of the entrances. Two bathrooms downstairs shower with ladies and gents included in very large sauna room with plunge pool and upstairs bath and shower with ladies and gents included also, downstairs mostly storage and laundry facility. Upstairs three or four bedrooms depending on your need, with very large open space lounge and dining plus kitchen, open living with stained hardwood floors.

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Farm business for sale at kenilworth in the state of Queensland Australia.

Land for sale Kenilworth is near Mapleton and Eumundi and the land for sale Kenilworth is near Maleny and Nambour also. The property has one freshwater Creek six spring fed dams and the back boundary is about 1.5 km in a straight line from the house to the far boundary,adjoins the National Park ideal for birdwatching tours where you have a private access and public has no access. The property land for sale Kenilworth can also be used for many business enterprises being only about 40 minutes from the famous tourist coast and an hour from the northern side of the capital city of Queensland Brisbane.

Land sale Kenilworth Australian

land for sale kenilworth,australian real-estate,kenilworth realestate

Land sale Kenilworth Australia hinterland sunshine coast Australia .

Mapleton is a beautiful drive along the very scenic obi obi road, with fabulous water full halfway and only 12 minutes away to views over the Sunshine Coast, beautiful Queensland style hotel and another 8 minutes to a great shopping town with all facilities and training to Brisbane known as Nambore, from their about 20 minute drive to the beach Caloundra Sunshine Coast. Kenilworth is 25 minutes to Maleny and 25 minute drive to Eumundi, that has excellent markets alternative arts and craft style with music.

land for sale kenilworth,australian realestate,kenilworth realestate

Sunshine coast hinterland land sale Kenilworth Australia.


This location Kenilworth is still slightly off the radar and hidden away,so do not miss out on the investment of your life as in the near future the prices will match what people are paying land for sale Mapleton, land for sale Maleny as there is no land left as land for sale Kenilworth is backed up against the great dividing range of Australia and there is no more future allocations, as hundreds of kilometers of national parks and government state forest has been locked up for millennium but the land sale Kenilworth Australia has its own private Government Park adjoining the property that you can enjoy for yourself.


land for sale kenilworth,australian realestate,kenilworth realestate

Land for sale sunshine coast Australia, you can see in this image good storage space under the home.

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