Real estate Maleny next to Kenilworth.

Real estate Maleny next to Kenilworth.

Australian real estate Maleny and Kenilworth properties for sale.

Australian property Queensland 140 acres of real estate Maleny that back’s on to the Maleny National Park.  The land is more like 300, as the property is undulating and can carry 50 head of cattle. The property has hundred of fully grown mature mango trees with other mix variety tropical fruit trees on the property also.

Real estate Maleny is very expensive but as my homestead is situated close to the Kenilworth area makes the land much more affordable, my longest boundary is 1.5 km that runs all the way to the back of the realestate Maleny National Park boundary. This is the reason the property is half the price of what it would be if the whole property and title was situated in Maleny.

real estate maleny,land for sale maleny

Australian real estate maleny, land for sale near Maleny at Kenilworth.

Australian real estate Maleny and Kenilworth.

Only 25 minute drive to very expensive real estate at Maleny township, Kenilworth township is only seven minutes away with good shopping and a very nice hotel bowling club and great tourist potential business. People love driving up from Brisbane that is only one hour from the northern suburbs of the capital of the state Queensland, the weekend is extremely busy with people also from the Sunshine Coast enjoying the scenic hinterland drive to Kenilworth.
Rea lestate Eumundi is only 20 minutes away from my property but also very expensive like Maleny reale state, Kenilworth realestate is the ideal choice if you need to save cost by 50% of what you would have to outlay for similar land. Soil types timber and environment and landscape climate are all very similar.

Beautiful Mapleton wow real estate 9 minutes away from realestate Kenilworth with views over the hinterland and sunshine coast, but again 50% higher prices and only nine minutes away from my property that is for sale.


real estate maleny, real estate kenilworth

Real estate maleny beautiful land for sale not far from kenilworth.

Real estate Maleny.

The property has great potential for plantings of mixed cabinet timber, long-term sustainable industry. Real estate Maleny and Kenilworth have the same natural ecosystem consisting of red cedar white beach trees brown beach trees and many more rare fine furniture timbers.   My real estate Maleny property Kenilworth is ideal for plantations of ginger, that need great drainage and rich soil. Good natural rainfall in Kenilworth real estate properties as the land is all undulating country that gives good drainage, my property has very rich soil in particular, known locally as scrubs soil. Yes realestate Maleny and Kenilworth and Eumundi areas all have a good annual rainfall.

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